Asante Africa Foundation

The project is focused on the empowerment of girls through the knowledge of their rights, communication skills and economic skills.

This project works through three measures:

-Training in rights, resources and good manners.

-Strengthen the community communication through the creation of groups.

-Economic strengthen through activities which promote the saving skills.

In addition, a community labour will be established in order to train parents, local teachers and general population in this field. This project is aimed at 300 girls from 5 schools and 160 non-schooling girls.


Investment: 15.390,00€
Beneficiary population: 2.300 persons, 460 girls
Local partner: PO Box 8097 Arusha, Tanzania
PO Box 8097 Arusha, Tanzania


Areas: Education and schooling, Community mobilization
Country: Bangladesh
Year: 2017
Status: Finished




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