Blue Veins

250 girls take the lead and make their voices heard in the community by defending their rights against harmful practices such as forced marriage of girls.

Participation of 55 women and 20 men through the organization of a summit. Sensitization and mobilization of 475 men and boys as collaborators in the prevention of forced marriage of girls and other harmful practices.

160 religious and community leaders motivated to support efforts to improve the legal framework at provincial level (KPK- Child Marriage Restraint Amendment Bill 2019) and reach 3,000 people with sensitization materials.


Investment: 20.000,00€
Beneficiary population: 250 girls, 55 women and 20 men, 160 religious and community leaders and 3,000 people indirectly
Local partner: Blue Veins
Peshawar, KPK Province


Areas: Community mobilization, Care and protection of girls
Country: Pakistan
Year: 2019
Status: Running


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