Association Zak la Yilguemdé (AZLY)

The project offers:
1. improving access to education through direct support to girls and performance monitoring.
2. Continue support to five Girls' Clubs where activities are carried out to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reproductive health education, which have support mechanisms in case of allegations of Forced Marriage.
3. Strengthening family economies and women's autonomy by making the initial investment in productive activities for solidarity financing groups that operate under the EPC (Saving for Change) methodology. The direct beneficiaries are mothers of girls in vulnerable economic situations.

Project: Lutte contre le mariage d’enfants, renforcement des mesures de prise en charge


Investment: 13.686,00€
Beneficiary population: 1039 girls, 30 mothers
Local partner: Association Zak la Yilguemdé (AZLY)
Comune de Nobéré, Region Centre Sud


Areas: Education and schooling, Community mobilization, Care and protection of girls
Country: Burkina Faso
Year: 2021/2022
Status: Running


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